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A profile picture depicting Gonca.
communication, cooperation and professional
12/01/2024| Specialist CV

Naomi adeptly brought out the best in me by skillfully showcasing my unique strengths. Given my unconventional career trajectory, I sought assistance in elevating the visibility of my capabilities. In our collaboration, I appreciated her communication skills and professionalism.

Nicola Busca
A bit too vague and not tailored to Swiss market
10/01/2024| Cover Letter

Although the writer has been very helpful overall, I don't feel like the service was tailored to produce documents for the Swiss market.

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Lisa G
Prompt, thorough and user-friendly
01/09/2023| Social Scrub

I was extremely pleased with the "Social Media Scrub" report that I received. It was comprehensive, yet succinct enough for me to action recommendations. I feel that I gained tremendous value, as the report provided recommendations that I would never have considered myself. Excellent value-added service. Highly recommend :)

A profile picture depicting ElvaBai.
Apparently, the most important key to unlocking your job door is your resume.We need a cover letter to assist us knock on doors.I'm firmly convinced of
27/07/2023| Next Step CV

Special thanks Suparna:

She writes excellent resumes.She assisted me in cataloging all of my significant talents and abilities.then the employer will easily be able to see my benefits, especially in light of the large number of resumes that were selected by the human resources computer system. I really deeply appreciate very much !

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